Inspiration Weekend 2019

Open and wild hearts with fierce love!

As the founder of Inspiration Weekend, I have decided to take a sabbatical from my life to reset and celebrate my 60th turn on the planet. I am so happy to announce that Inspiration Weekend will happen in spite of my absence. This is the best turn of events I could ask for because it means the event has life beyond my efforts. It was a dream come true to create a weekend where folks could open their hearts, rest in gorgeous music, meditations and words. A weekend where we could access that part of us that is fierce and loving no matter what is going on in the world and a weekend where we could find the wildness in our essential nature that defies our circumstances. I have been privileged to curate and produce this event for five years. Watch this space for your new producers for this year.

Reflection: what has been a dream of yours that you nurtured, grew and then shared? What have you done solo and then found collaborators? This life is full of opportunities to let things be made new.

christie hardwick