Wild hearts are free in the world!

We had a momentous time at Inspiration Weekend in Provincetown this past October. We literally had a participant come in and say “I dare you to inspire me!”. She was feeling so beaten down by the constant reporting of violence, hatred and division that she couldn’t imagine anything lifting her up. That was Friday evening by Saturday afternoon she felt alive in her body again and felt hope and possibility. Nothing externally had changed but everything internally had. She now had the capacity to face the world and bring more love and lightness to it.

And that is really all any of us can do. Do our rewiring from the inside so that light shines from our open hearts. Open hearts allow love to move through making its presence known in the world. Can you imagine anything more important than that? I can’t. I walked precincts, made donations, petitioned and protested over these past months but the greatest thing I did was love as well as I could. Dr. Martin Luther King reminded us that hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.

May love navigate your way.

Matt Clark