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The fifth annual Inspiration Weekend will be held on October 5-7 in Provincetown Massachusetts. The event is an immersive, connected experience using music, lyric, and spoken word for the purpose of personal and spiritual development. This year’s theme is “Wild hearts, finding beauty and good right where we are and broadcasting love to the world."

Being inspired from our hearts in a very challenging social environment helps each person create more capacity for compassion and compassionate action.  Answering the question, ‘what is mine to do?’ is answered with more certainty and discernment when we are open hearted and connected with the highest ideals that we hold.

Inspiration matters. Research by noted psychologists Todd M. Thrash and Andrew J. Elliott, shows how inspiration is “related to important psychological resources, including self-efficacy, self-esteem, and optimism. While people may differ from one another in the frequency of their daily inspiration, anyone who experiences inspiration at any time can reap similar benefits.[1].”

Inspiration Weekend Founder, Rev. Christie Hardwick created Inspiration Gatherings, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing people to the beauty of Cape Cod and the beauty, light, and power within themselves. “The fifth annual Inspiration Weekend will help people support their own interior lives. This event is unique in that it is non religious yet richly beneficial for the spirit,” explains Hardwick.

There are five main sessions: Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, and Sunday morning held in Fishermen Hall located in central Provincetown. In addition to the five main sessions, workshop registrants may attend additional events such as a gallery reception, yoga class, beach walk and cleanup, Taize service, community acupuncture session, or workshops on Healing voices , Spirituality of Self Care, Journaling from the Heart, or and Radical Aging.

Assisting in the program is a carefully selected Inspiration Team, which includes musicians, poets, and writers, chosen for their excellence, presence, and lyrical abilities that provide wisdom for daily life. Their talents range from soul, pop, instrumentals, ballads, World music, indie rock, spoken word, poetry, and creative writing.

Inspiration Weekend Musical Director and extraordinary jazz vocalist, Lisa Ferraro is excited about this year’s event. She says, “We have such an incredible diverse group of musicians this year who are sure to reach your heart and stir your soul. As a musician, I rarely get to sit back and listen to other artists share their songs, so to experience this extraordinary group of singers and songwriters is transcendent and powerful for me.”

Other Inspiration Team members include: Ericka Luckett, Lucy J. Madison, Rev. Andy Anderson, Jennifer DiMeo, Peter Donnelly,  Gary Lynn Floyd , Reggie Gibson, Roxanne Layton, Amy Steinberg, John Thomas, Carolyn Waters and Producer, Christie Hardwick.

Throughout the weekend, individuals and local community groups will be honored for their work to inspire positivity. On Friday evening, October 5, Chris McCarthy, Executive Director of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum will be recognized for her excellence in dedication to the arts and community engagement.  Rev. Kate Wilkinson, Millennial Sr. Minister of the Universalist Unitarian Meeting House of Provincetown will be honored on Saturday morning, October 6, for her leadership and service and affecting social change through programs, education, forums, and discussions in Provincetown and the Outer Cape. During the main Saturday evening session, we will honor long time comedian, educator, and activist Karen Williams, for her contributions to teaching self care through humor.

Last year over 100 people from all over the country attended Provincetown Inspiration Weekend. “Our event is growing every year and this year promises to be the best yet. Not only will attendees feel a heightened state of wellbeing but they will also learn practices and ideas that they can use throughout their lives. They will have given themselves the rare gift of time to be with themselves,” concludes Hardwick.

Tax-deductible corporate sponsorship packages are still available for the event. Current sponsors include: Provincetown Tourism Fund, Birdie Silkscreen Studio, Roccapriore Gallery, Sally Brophy Graphic Design, Good Scents, Dr. Scott A. Allegretti, D.D.S., Cape Art Tiles, Jane Bunker/Mason Morfit, Dawn McCall/Gail Williams, and Harmoney Trust.

Interested individuals may purchase weekend passes or day passes. Conference pricing is:

$100 All-inclusive (All three days, priority for workshops/Saturday options including Acupuncture), Inspiration Weekend swag bag.

$60 Saturday pass (Access to Saturday morning event, Saturday afternoon options, and Saturday evening event).

$30 Friday night only pass.

To register, visit  and follow us on FaceBook at Provincetown Inspiration Weekend!


About Founder Christie Hardwick:

Master Facilitator and Spiritual Guide, Christie Hardwick has over 30 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and grass root-organizing efforts. She holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Development, is an American Leadership Forum Senior Fellow and a minister with International Centers for Spiritual living with a focus on leadership development. She spent five years as an executive member of the Women’s Leadership Board for the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and was past president of the National Board of Directors for GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network). Christie has held executive positions in Change Management, Human Resources, and Organizational Efficiency for technology companies. She is an inspirational speaker and facilitator in a variety of forums and provides strategic thinking and spiritual guidance services to clients across the United States.

[1] Kaufman, Scott Barry, Ph.D. “Why Inspiration Matters”Harvard Business Review. November 8, 2011.