"Inspiration weekend was a beautiful weekend full of uplifting, positive, spiritual,  and heart opening words, music, literature, and amazing people."


"As a performer I was so grateful and honored to have the opportunity to express myself in such a Peaceful and Loving environment"


"Inspiration Weekend was a beautiful breath of fresh air!  Music that touched my soul, speakers that shared authentically from the heart and a pace that flowed effortlessly.  I’ve directed many conferences and retreats across the country during the past 15 years and Inspiration Weekend was that rare experience where I felt completely integrated with those that attended, creating a full, rich experience for everyone."


"Treat yourself to Inspiration Weekend; a time of spiritual community and fellowship wrapped in powerful, heart opening music and uplifting words.   Provincetown is a magical place to visit and the perfect setting for this special event."


"I look forward to returning to Provincetown for Inspiration Weekend, where I met some awesome new friends and created some amazing memories.  As a musician, I rarely get to sit back and listen to other artists share their songs, so to experience this extraordinary group of singers and songwriters was transcendent and powerful for me."


“I have been to two inspiration weekends so far and looking forward to the third! It’s hard to choose from the many spiritual workshops, but last year, I was able to take a yin yoga class with Jen Shannon, pick up trash at Hatches harbor and learn about wild mushrooms and berries with Zoë Lewis, and listen and sing along with Erica Luckett and Lisa Ferraro.”


“I also attended an incredible concert two years in a row which featured soul searching spoken word and heart expanding music. As a poet, I live by, for, and on inspiration. We are so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to live, work, play and visit such a magnificent expanse of nature. On Inspiration Weekend, led by Christie and her generous smile, we have the opportunity to feel that magnificent expanse within.”


“Inspiration Weekend 2015 couldn’t have come at a better time for me. My mom had died two months prior, and I had not been able to begin to grieve. My heart was closed tight, protecting itself from the pain of the most devastating loss of my life. From the meditative morning yoga to the engaging and enchanting music of the rallies, my entire being broke open, allowing the healing to begin."