Inspiration Gatherings
Inspiration Gatherings
An immersive three-day experience filled with music, spoken word, poetry, dance, healing arts, and informative workshops to help you find your power within.

Courageous Heart

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2019 dates: FRIday, October 4, 2019 - SUNday, October 6

Held in Beautiful Provincetown , Massachusetts , Inspiration Weekend is an immersive 3 day experience filled with music , film , spoken word , poetry, healing arts, drumming , and other activities to celebrate Compassionate Courageous Hearts .

Exploring what inspires us to move forward with Action from a Courageous Compassionate Heart to heal ourselves , build Community , and heal the world


Our Event

Now in its sixth year this Inspiration Weekend is focused on the theme Courageous Heart, and the passion that inspires us to build, heal, and celebrate community through activism in the arts.

We will be honoring Catherine Russo, who has been a media activist for over 45 years, producing documentaries herself and organizing others to use media to tell their stories. A cofounder of PTV, and the Women’s Film Co-op, she lived in and travelled extensively through Mexico and Central America producing media to educate about the civil wars and violence supported by the US that lead to the destabilization in the region.

We will honor Kevin Hume, a Provincetown filmmaker, artist, and poet, who has been building bridges between the Jamaican and American communities. He also hosts an inspirational show on local radio, WOMR. Since his arrival he has been creating art and artistic opportunities through forums that raise awareness about Jamaican culture and the benefits of immigration.

We will also be honoring Mark Adams, a local artist, writer, cartographer, and geoscientist for the National Park Service. He teaches classes at FAWC, PAAM and Castle Hill in which students explore the local landscapes drawing, painting and weaving text into their work. Mark’s recent expeditions led him to the Greek islands of Lesbos and Samos, where he taught English, served food, and welcomed refugees through these gateways to the asylum process in Europe.



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