Frequently Asked Questions


Is Inspiration Weekend a faith-based event?

No. This is a non-religious event. It designed for all people, regardless of spiritual practice, who are would like to invest in their overall wellbeing.


Music is a big part of Inspiration Weekend. Do I have to be a musical person or singer to be participate?

Not at all. You may sing or move only as inspired to do so.


Do I need to dress a certain way?

Yes, you should come as yourself! We expect everything from jeans and t-shirts, to goddess wear and gender fluid expressions. We welcome you as you are.


Is this a women’s or gay and lesbian event?

This event is open to all people who embrace the idea that what each of us thinks, says and does matters to the whole.


Will non-alcoholic beverages be available at the wine and cheese reception? 

Yes. Whenever food and drink is offered, non-alcohol options will be available. Also, there are many Program meetings in Provincetown to attend while you are here.


How accessible is the Town of Provincetown?

Our main meeting space, Fishermen Hall, 12 Winslow Street, is accessible, including ramps and an elevator. The main street in Provincetown is flat and it is acceptable and common to move through the town on the road when there is limited space on the old narrow sidewalks. You will find walkers and those in wheeled chairs and other devices traveling down the middle of the street. If you have special needs for your lodging accommodations, please contact them early, as limited rooms are available. Please do contact us if you have any difficulty.


What can I expect to get out of the Inspiration Weekend?

If you are willing to participate with an open heart, follow the prompts and push past your comfort zone, you will leave the weekend with a stronger connection to yourself, your inner wisdom and the love and peace that reside within.


Do I have to attend every program on the schedule?

It will benefit you participate as much as possible to deepen your connection to the experience. You are not required to attend all events, but it is highly recommended as each portion is designed to fill your inner well and enhance your wellbeing.


How do I become an Inspiration Weekend sponsor?

We would love to have you! Please click here for more information. 


How to I become an Inspiration Weekend performer?

Each year immediately following the event, we invite and confirm the Inspiration Team of performers for the following year. Please email founder, Christie Hardwick at to express your interest in joining the Team as a performer.