Hello friends!!! Welcome!!

Welcome to Inspiration Gatherings on line.  Here is where we’ll share thoughts, wonderings, and wonder.  I invite you to sit back and let the words fall over you and land wherever they will bring light.

Yesterday as I walked along a country trail, I saw tracks and I wondered who had passed before me.  They were of a four legged type and maybe one with three digits, a wild boar maybe?  I saw another track and it had four digits, a deer? A mountain lion?.  As I pondered and moved forward, albeit a little more gingerly, I remarked to myself how little I know.  How little I know about nature, about life, about animals, the earth and the sea.  I wondered to myself, what if I just learn this time around on the planet?  What if I stop acting as if I know something and get quiet and listen instead.  What might my open heart and mind bring to the world both inside and outside of me? 

What are you wondering about?