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Betsy Johnson

Betsy Johnson is a poet and writer of stories focused on finding the sacred in the ordinary and metaphor in the details. Betsy’s poems and stories have appeared in various literary journals and anthologies including Mamalode, and the books Flat Earth Diary and Out on a Limb.

She tries to write at the frontier between deep internal experience and revelations of the outer world.  Her writing centers on themes of connection and she is driven to write stories and poems as a way to create and connect as a community — to create a door through which others can walk.  She writes to capture the silent moments, the hidden glances that we often miss in the daily business of our lives.

Betsy has served on the Board of Directors of SPARK Kindness, a grassroots non profit organization in Natick, MA dedicated to building kind, empowered & inclusive communities where no child or family feels alone, bullied, unsupported or unconnected.  She also recently facilitated a 7-part community conversation at Common Street Spiritual Center based on the BELIEF series which first aired on the OWN network in Oct. of 2015 and explored humankind’s ongoing search to connect with something greater than ourselves by introducing us to diverse faiths through the lens of personal stories of people on spiritual journeys.

She lives her husband, Brian and daughter, Becca.